Assistance for authors and entrepreneurs.

Midnight Media is a small publishing house, based in Melbourne, Australia. We currently publish non-fiction and fiction in all genres. Fostering relationships with readers and retailers, our main focus is publishing the work of our client authors.

Passionate communicating and organising. 

Midnight Media provide affordable paperback publishing as well as eBook publishing solutions. In this way, we provide almost anything an author, or entrepreneur, may require assistance with:

• Organising, assessing, proofreading and editing your manuscript.
• Coordinating the whole process of publishing your book: from start to finish.
• Organising marketing such as social media, email newsletters and website content management; online advertising; public relations and personal branding etc.
• Plus various administration services.

If you do not see a service listed that you require, please feel free to contact us to discuss further.

Empower. Enlighten. Evolve.


Is writing a book on your bucket list but you don't know where to start? Have you started writing, but are still struggling to complete your first draft? You may wish to register your interest in one of our Author Mentorship Programs.

Our Publishing Process

Have you completed your first draft? The best place to start is with our:

  • Manuscript Assessment Bundle

You are welcome to submit your manuscript to us here.

Have you completed your second draft, self-editing your first draft (perhaps after a professional manuscript assessment)? You would now require the following bundle:

  • Book Editing Bundle

    • Developmental / structural editing of the whole manuscript.

Has your manuscript finally reached a publishable standard? The next stage is to pick a publishing bundle:

  • Book Publishing Bundles:

    • Paperback Book Publishing Bundle

    • eBook Publishing Bundle

    • Combo Book Publishing Bundle:

      • Both eBook and Paperback Book Publishing Bundle

You now have a proof copy of your book in your hands! Are you ready to wave goodbye and send your book off into the world? Not so fast! You now require the following bundle:

  • Book Proofreading Bundle

    • Completed at the final stage, before publication.

Congratulations! You're now a published author. Now it's time to tell the world about your book! Create your multi-faceted marketing plan and put it into action with our:

  • Book Marketing Bundles

Our Marketing Services

For Authors, Entrepreneurs and Business Owners etc.

  • Website Content Management and Copywriting

  • Online Advertisement Coordinating

  • Email Newsletter Management

  • Social Media Management

Plus much more! If you do not see a service listed that you require, please feel free to contact us to discuss further.

"I was looking for a copywriting service and found Sasha. She was more efficient and affordable than four different quotes I received. My website content was ready in two days!! Sasha updated the content into the CMS - ready for SEO. Sasha also assisted with managing my Facebook page etc. Would definitely recommend Midnight Media's services!" 

yaron bruck

director | mobile framing

"I highly recommend Sasha Buntman from Midnight Media for her expert assistance. Sasha is professional, skilled and efficient. I have full confidence in her ability, and to complete the project on time. In fact, the project was completed ahead of schedule which was highly appreciated. I will certainly work with Sasha again."

Leah ShmerlinG

director | crown coaching and training

"I have been working with Sasha from Midnight Media on a couple of projects over the last year. She is professional, hardworking and has acute attention to detail. Sasha likes to get the job done perfectly and will work towards the best outcome for all involved. I highly recommend her expert assistance for any help you might need."

Rebecca Stein

designer | BecDes

richardand me.jpg
"Midnight Media will help you navigate publishing and marketing minefields; assist you to produce a quality product and help you keep your sanity to boot. As it’s the end product that matters. And not necessarily how you got there.
I assume T. S. Eliot wasn’t referring to the world of publishing when he muttered the famous phrase: 'The journey, not the destination, matters.' Because in my experience, if the journey to publication doesn’t kill your determination to publish your work, some keyboard critic on social media will be happy to take a run at it.
I highly recommend Sasha and the team!"


science fiction writer | Author | IT expert


"I recently worked with Sasha and found her to be an excellent communicator. Sasha was always on time for appointments and was well researched and prepared. She listened to my needs, understood my requirements, asked questions to clarify and produced quality work the first time. Sasha made the whole experience a breeze and I will come back again. I highly recommend Sasha for your project."

Raelene jackson

business owner | bookkeeper


NIL_9972 (2).jpg
"In her work as VA for my educational enterprise, The Gandhi Experiment, Sasha Buntman has exhibited a high level of competency in a diverse range of skills and tasks. Sasha produced high quality work in all aspects I asked of her. She set up organizational procedures through Asana so we could communicate more readily and segment tasks. Sasha helped develop my social media profile through Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. She maintained my data base, created flyers and helped organize events such as the Thriving Teens parent seminars.
Sasha was able to offer constructive advice on areas that I had little understanding on. She was proactive in stepping in to suggest how I could improve my marketing. She proof-read articles for me and applied SEO in my blogs.
What was most important to me, was that Sasha spent time understanding the unique aims and goals of my work through The Gandhi Experiment. It was this understanding that added that extra layer of care that she applied when working alongside me. I most certainly recommend Sasha as a professional and committed VA."

Margaret Hepworth

Director and Founder

The Gandhi Experiment


"Sasha has exceptional communication and writing skills and has the ability to recognise the needs of her clients and translate them into well organised and professional resumes. I would highly recommend her to anyone who needs assistance in moving on to the next career step and more..."

David (Dori) Meron

Business Development and Account ManagemenT Specialist

"Sasha is a truly inspiring mentor. It is immediately apparent that Sasha is very committed to the authors and clients she represents. She is diligent about giving her clients the best experience, from the beginning of the writing process to the end. Sasha has strong interpersonal skills and is excellent in communicating what she needed me to do for her. She was easy to work with, very accommodating, and there was no pressure. Sasha gave me opportunities to learn and practice the skills I needed for my business. She challenged me with assignments to do: internet research about her target market, finding content for her blog, newsletters, and other publications, and proofreading. After working with Sasha, I feel much more confident about offering the services I needed to learn for my own business. Sasha is dedicated to her business, and I look forward to having the opportunity to work with her again."

Melissa Sasser

Virtual Administrative Detail Consultant

"Sasha had a dotted line to me, she supported my sales team from a advertising pre-media perspective but also did copy writing as well as wrote an editorial column within our real estate section. I found Sasha to be Inquisitive, reliable, loyal, honest and hard working. I would recommend Sasha to people looking for a process driven, tenacious and creative person.
I worked together with Sasha for over 3 years. Sasha is keen and eager to learn and shows great enthusiasm and initiative. Her accuracy in recording bookings, creating spreadsheets and reports all demonstrate her high administrative ability.
Articulating client relations and skills in organising all advertisements and copy changes by our numerous deadlines are clear evidence of a hard working ethic.
Sasha has also displayed creative flair in writing articles, as well as copywriting of advertisements and various features. She has never simply adhered to the ‘job description’, always putting in the extra effort where required and always striving to learn and achieve more. Her big efforts, resilience and support are greatly appreciated."

Jason Mudford

General Manager

O’Brien Real Estate

"It is with pleasure that I am able to write and submit this recommendation. A polite, punctual and capable member of the team, Sasha allowed her friendly and pleasant personality to compliment her professional attitude and commitment to her role. I would support and recommend her without hesitation."

Anthony Williams

Senior Consultant

Plumb Scope

"I had the pleasure of working with Sasha for a couple of years. Not only is Sasha an organised, knowledgeable professional with a passion to help others – she always gets the job done efficiently and happily. She excels at client service and communication, reliability and honesty. I am delighted to hear that Sasha is applying her skills to the Virtual Marketing Assistant career path. I would highly recommend Sasha’s services."

Angela Ralph

Tour Department Manager

Quince's Travel

"Sasha is a conscientious worker with a high level of competency. She has an eye for detail, pleasing phone manner, manages her time effectively and communicates at a high level with management and associates as well as clients."

Amanda Sharpe

HEMAC Medical

"Sasha worked in the small editorial management department providing database and administrative support to the editors and editorial department heads. She showed a positive attitude and great willingness to learn. Her doggedness and commitment were noticeable."

Hugh Jones

Hugh Jones Media

About the Director


Sasha Buntman

Founder | Director


When people ask me what I do for a living, I smile and say “I’m a VA.” They often respond with the question: “What’s a VA?” I explain that it stands for “Virtual Assistant.” I hear them ask: “What on earth is a Virtual Assistant?” So I thought I would write about this topic, for anyone who might be interested.

A VA is a small business owner providing support services to other businesses, remotely from their home office. A VA assists businesses virtually - with a task or project. “Virtual” refers to the method of providing the service, rather than the service itself. 

“A Virtual Assistant (VA) is an independent entrepreneur providing administrative, creative and / or technical services. Utilizing advanced technological modes of communication and data delivery, a professional VA assists clients in his / her area of expertise from his / her own office.” - International Virtual Assistant Association

To correspond with your business, exchange work-related materials and receive project instructions – a VA may contact you via the telephone, internet, e-mail, instant message, Skype and/or online work spaces. VAs use their own computer, equipment and software. They may also communicate with their clients’ customers, vendors or associates in this way.

Some VAs are ‘generalists,’ performing administrative tasks such as:

  • Virtual receptionist - telephone answering, taking bookings and making calls
  • Organising email inboxes and responding when appropriate
  • Scheduling appointments and meetings etc. into calendars
  • Correspondence, data entry and information organisation
  • Database maintenance
  • Internet research

While others specialise in a specific target market, describing themselves as:

  • Real Estate Assistants
  • Travel Coordinators
  • Business Coaches’ Assistants
  • Speakers’ Assistants
  • Authors’ Assistants

Others specialise in a specific niche service area that they are passionate about and talented in, such as:

  • Event coordination
  • Project management
  • Client relationship management
  • Transcription and/or translation
  • Statistical reports, bookkeeping, accounting and bill payments
  • Marketing tasks such as: market research, social media management, blogging and website maintenance and set-up, e-commerce, copywriting, editing, proofreading, publicity etc.
  • Graphic design

Plus many more niche areas.

Many VAs are parents, and a vast majority are mothers. This is because a VA business can effortlessly slot into a parent’s life. They are able to pursue parenting responsibilities while still providing an income to the household.

In a nutshell, a VA is an independent contractor with multiple clients. These clients are not employers. Daily commuting, payroll, superannuation, personal and annual leave, extra office space, equipment and supplies – none of these apply when utilising a VA. The VA will invoice a client accordingly. This might be based on an hourly rate, or an agreed package or bundled amount. Businesses are able to collaborate with a team of VAs if required.

   This article was recently published in two different publications -    Your Child In Whitehorse, Your Child In     Banyule and Nillumbik    magazines. Please visit the    Your Child Magazines    website for more information.

This article was recently published in two different publications - Your Child In Whitehorse, Your Child In Banyule and Nillumbik magazines. Please visit the Your Child Magazines website for more information.