About Sasha Buntman

Founder | Director


I am passionate about communicating and organising. Being involved in marketing, publishing, administration and  editing for clients is what I truly love.

My purpose in life has always revolved around the art of organising – whether organising the layout of elements on a page or in a book, or organising words, sentences and messages together to create something meaningful and worthwhile. In various ways, I have created positive changes, helped people to learn and grow, and transform viewpoints of perspectives – through smooth communication. In shaping my own personal brand over the years, people know my values and what high quality work I am capable of. I continue to strive to make a difference in business, life, society and the world.

My career in publishing, media and administration began a number of years ago. For 5 and a half years, I was employed at Metro Media Publishing (formerly Fairfax Media Group) as an Advertising Production Coordinator. Based in the Domain Real Estate department, including the New Homes and Land division, I excelled at page planning, copy control and editorial duties. I transitioned into the Retail Advertising department and continued to efficiently coordinate layouts and the production of advertisements for numerous different publications to a high standard.

With over 12 years of extensive experience in various industries and positions, primarily focused in the media, marketing, public relations and the internet - I have also worked in administrative / coordination roles and the travel industry.

Meeting deadlines, vast computing knowledge, time management strategies and general accuracy in tasks completed are some of my strengths.

I’m highly organised and professional; passionate, dedicated, honest, loyal and reliable; as well as a quick learner with a positive, proactive attitude.

My qualifications include a bachelor’s degree in media, a business administration diploma, a professional writing and editing advanced diploma, a desktop publishing diploma along with many other professional development courses and studies.

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